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SlowBurn Exercise and a Low Carb Diet

by Fred Hahn on March 5, 2017

Do you want good health, lowered inflammation and protection from autoimmune disorders? Don’t juice or carb up – do just the opposite! Back in 2015, researchers at Yale School of Medicine revealed a compound that appears to inhibit inflammation in our bodies. The substance is known as β-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).  From the paper:  In their study, published in the […]

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The Olde Timers Knew

by Fred Hahn on June 22, 2014

This little gem  Molding a Mighty Arm (copyright 1930) is part of my library collection of old and rare strengthening books. The author, George F. Jowett, was a turn of the century strength and physique guru. As many of you know all too well, I often argue with other experts in the field of personal training and […]

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It’s Supposed to be Hard

May 5, 2014

To build or restore muscle and bone tissue requires hard work – intense effort. No amount of easy, fluffy stuff is going to cause  positive tissue remodeling, or as the industry puts it, “make you look better naked.” It doesn’t matter what you believe or what you think will do the trick. Your opinions on […]

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Happy New Strength!

January 2, 2014

Well, we’re off! 2014 is here and so are you! It’s time, don’t you think, to create that body you’ve always wanted? I’m here to help. I’m not talking about getting thin or skinny or getting a 6 pack. In my opinion, these are just cosmetic considerations that have nothing to do with your main […]

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FredTalks – Strength Worth Spreading

December 4, 2013

I just realized that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I place the blame on FaceBook for this. It’s all too easy to just toss a rant up on your wall and watch the sparks fly. It’s fun and it is easy. Too easy in fact. FaceBook posts are certainly not nearly as classy […]

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How To Solve The American Health Care System

August 25, 2013

How you ask? I’ll tell you how – we need to stop making people need it. And how do we do this? Simple. Each individual must: 1. Eat only fatty animal matter (including organs) with a salad and seasonal fruit 2 or 3X a day. 2. Lift weights slowly to fatigue, 2X a week, with […]

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A Warm Heart

May 19, 2013

After reading the following email, my heart couldn’t have been warmer: Hi Frederick, I contacted you awhile back in regards to my father having lower back problems to the point where the lower part of his spine has shifted over and he could barely walk. This discomfort happened suddenly when he was around 78. I […]

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How Often Should We Lift Weights?

March 6, 2013

As many of you already know, strength training produces many positive health benefits including but not limited to increased strength, endurance, muscle and bone mass, decreased blood pressure, body fat, risk of injury and falls. Recently, research has revealed that strength training improves cognitive function and reverses certain genetic markers of aging. No longer is […]

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Nutrition Science or Science Fiction?

February 21, 2013

Here we go again. Yet another nutritional “scientist” claiming that carbohydrates are the main source of fuel for the body and a required macronutrient. Sigh. In this incredibly frustrating and full-of-baloney video, we hear scientist Bridget Benelam say, right from the get go: I’m going to talk about carbohydrate and why it is an important nutrient […]

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My Post Workout Strength Potion

February 14, 2013

There is some pretty convincing evidence that post workout protein intake improves muscle recovery and growth. This is just one of many research studies that support the notion of taking in a good protein potion before and after your workouts. I’ve certainly seen and felt a difference in my body doing so. Over the years […]

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